Zeroqode Backend

Deploy your backend without code in a few days

Zeroqode Backend is a no-code template that has all the major components of a backend:

- API endpoints for user authentication, files, Stripe payments, emails, SMS etc.

- Landing page

- Admin Dashboard

The template is built on Bubble and can be modified without code. You would need to subscribe to one of Bubble's plans

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Hey Product Hunters! Today we are excited to launch a new product built completely without code - Zeroqode Backend! Any web or mobile application usually requires a backend to connect with in order to manage users, payments, files and other things. If you are looking for a simple and robust no-code solution then Zeroqode got one for you :) This no-code template allows you to customize and deploy your own backend in a matter of days. It has most of the commonly required API endpoints in place and comes with a landing page and admin dashboard to manage your users, payments, files etc. Me and my partner @vlad_larin will be here to answer your questions and comments all day. Thanks!
@vlad_larin @levon377 Could you provide any real examples of what is made and already in action?
@vlad_larin @dainiskanopa Thanks for the question, here are a few examples: APIs to 1. sign users up or sign them in 2. charge user's cards through stripe, 3. send them email or text message, 4. upload or retrieve files. Hope this helps
@vlad_larin @levon377 Thanks. I was meaning to show any clients who already implementing no code dashboard for themselves
@levon377 @dainiskanopa hi Dainis! We're unfortunately under NDA in a few implementations we have been working on ourselves with our customers, but in short: 1) An app for field personnel management for a company, that is using it to distribute tasks and facilitate the communications between HQ and the employees. They are utilizing the Google SSO, DB and email\text messaging functions. 2) Another app (in the making) that will be using the solution as a DB backend and payment platform connector, with beta launch planned for Feb'18. Sorry we can't share more at the moment, but we see some independent developers also using our solution, so we believe there are more cases, but that's all we can tell you about right now :)
Great job !! Any Wordpress plugin out there ?😊
@ayush_chandra thanks Ayush, we work mostly with no-code platform
Really cool premise. A little buggy at the moment but maybe that's just the demo. Looking forward to checking back in ~6 months after it has been battle-tested a bit more. Beautiful landing page also.
@frantzlight Thanks Chris, our demo might be not perfect. But may I ask what looked buggy to you? :) Thanks again!
@levon377 Hey Levon, definitely wasn't trying to be negative at all! A few things: 1) I was able to view the backend without logging in. After a few seconds, I was booted to the login screen. 2) Click events sometimes didn't work. I would click an element and nothing happened. 3) Loading on every interaction. The bubble loader (blue bar at the top) fires with every interaction leading to a slower than expected experience. 4) Don't let 1 - 3 get you down, you made a really awesome thing and I hope to use it in the future. πŸ‘
@frantzlight Hey Chris, thanks a lot for your feedback. Those should be pretty easy to fix :) We'll plan some time next week to polish what you noted. Thanks a lot for your time to check it out! Really appreciate it :)
Hmm.. methinks this might be great for rapid prototyping/proof-of-concept type stuff. Next time I'm trying to validate a new product idea, I'll have to remember to look into this.
Hey guys, this look like a great product. How would you say this compare to Firebase backend as a service? How does your platform have an edge? Looking forward to more courses to facilitate working with your platform.