Simple Push Notifications for Developers

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I'm not sure how to claim this as a "Maker", but myself and @adamvduke run this service. We've been growing ZeroPush for almost 2 years now, but have been doing it full-time only in the last 6 months. We have a handful of apps posted to Product Hunt using our service and we're excited to be part of the community. Let us know if what you think!
This sounds interesting, but the website isn't working for me.
@omglazerkittens no problems here, what is not working?
How is this different than
@whatsdonisdon Zeropush is for smartphones, Goroost is for web.
It does look super simple, nice work! Is this a direct competitor to Parse Push? Thats what I'm using to handle push notifications in my app.
@waterlooalex we have a similar API, but our focus is a little different. While Parse focuses heavily on the app developers, we're trying to provide nice integrations on the server-side. We are integrated with heroku, wordpress and ejabberd with a few more to come.