Decentralized websites using Bitcoin cryptography

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    lacks one-click cleanup tool

    hope of freedom

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This is really cool. Yet another application validating Bitcoin. However something outside the typical fintech view of the cryptocurrency. I'm interested to know why you have not used Ethereum for this project? 👍
Avi Zuber@avizuber · Software Engineer @ DreamCloud
Wait... so the files are *IN* in the computer?
Matt Samet@yozzozo · Hacker & Entrepreneur
This sounds like it has a lot of potential, maybe in areas like mitigation of DDoS attacks bringing down websites - but also seems like it'd need mass adoption to be successful. Creative use of bitcoin tech.
Frank van Rest@frankvanrest · Technical cofounder, Dedact
Especially useful for sites that have problems surviving because of a hostile environment. The Pirate Bay comes to mind. I can also think of suppressed groups under totalitarian regimes. Is that the use case?