Breach-proof user auth & end-to-end encryption SDK in one

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We're excited to launch ZeroKit, our new SDK to help developers protect their users' security and privacy. ZeroKit makes it easy for teams even without cryptography expertise to implement zero-knowledge user authentication and end-to-end encryption in their apps. ZeroKit can be integrated in all kinds of apps: - chat and email - collaboration tools - healthcare and medical services - fintech apps - enterprise data management tools The SDK is available for Java, JavaScript and Swift. ZeroKit uses the crypto and authentication of the Tresorit file sync & sharing app: If you have any questions, just ping us or join our next webinars: Feb 7, 2017 11:00am Feb 15, 2017 11:00am (PT): We're eager to hear your feedback!
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This is brilliant, a real solution to a problem many face.
@findabhilash thanks for the feedback. Would love to have you onboard as an early adopter...
Great idea. This stuff is hard for most developers to get right and it's becoming more and more important to customers. That makes for an ideal workload for many companies to consider outsourcing to a trusted third-party service.
@kleneway thanks for the feedback. We believe that authentication, key management, transport and at-rest security should be one single technology, otherwise you're duct-taping technologies together that are not designed to work together securely. Come and join us as an early adopter! - pls sign up and let's continue on Slack.
Love! Love Love!
@robertsimoes thanks for the feedback! We'd love to have you on board as an early adopter. - sign up and let's continue on Slack!
It reads like you have everything done right to raise the security bar AND to compete with other cloud storage services in terms of comfort. The only thing i was surprised about was that you reach out to dropbox customers but don't offer a free personal plan.