zeroheight 3.0

Design system documentation synced with Sketch & code

zeroheight makes it easy for teams to create design system documentation collaboratively using online styleguides that are:

💎 synced with Sketch components

🖥 integrated with code examples

✏️ easy for anyone to contribute to

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14 Reviews5.0/5
Hey PH, it’s been a while! @robintindale and I started zeroheight with the vision of bridging the gap between design and development. A Photoshop handoff and a Sketch symbol library plugin later, it feels like we’re getting a little bit closer 🤓 It’s been a really exciting (and challenging 😅) journey so far. For the past year, we’ve been working on a new product in private beta, and we’re really excited to finally share it with you 👏 zeroheight is for teams who have design system resources (Sketch Library, front-end pattern library etc.) but don’t have the bandwidth to build (and maintain!) a custom styleguide site from scratch. These teams can use zeroheight to create sophisticated styleguides: 💎 Designers can sync their Sketch components and styles 🖥 Developers can contribute code using HTML previews and Storybook components ✏️ Anyone else can get involved, as editing a styleguide is super simple—think Medium, Dropbox Paper etc. How are we different from InVision’s DSM? We’ve been asked this a lot, so instead of making assumptions, we asked our beta users why they picked us over DSM. These were their top 3 answers: • flexibility of the styleguide editor • simpler Sketch integration • ability to integrate code examples Give it a go – it's free 😌 As always, we’d appreciate your honest feedback. We’ll be around to chat throughout the day!
@seantiffonnet thank you for being an early adopter!!

We've been using Zeroheight to manage our styleguide and help developers for about a year now. It greatly simplifies our designers' communication with developers (=styleguide) and gives our developers great confidence that their pull requests are spot on for UX.


Using it daily. Super simple, yet as powerful and reliable as others. Love the style guide designer, biggest benefit are the code samples.


None so far

After testing out a bunch of similar platforms ZeroHeight for me is in the sweetspot between “simple to use“ and “powerful enough”.


Works perfectly as the documentation tool for your shared Sketch-library


Support assets (fonts etc.) need to be hosted somewhere else.

A very good tool to quickly make available a beginning of Design System for all the teams


- Good user experience

- View by components

- Beautiful documentation with video, images, gif and the integration of invision prototypes


- Not possible to download a zip with all the assets yet

- Need a third level to organize the different sections

Thanks Murat! You might not remember this but you helped us out in the early days (2015) with some super helpful insights about the design tool space :)