zeroheight is the easiest way to create a design system

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Hi all! Co-founder of zeroheight here 👋 We built zeroheight because we felt the pain of collaborating on a design library manually using a Sketch file and wanted an easy, fun way to do it instead 😊 Our Sketch Plugin lets you organise and share design components with the rest of your team (including others inside the company using an auto-generated living styleguide) Our vision is to enable every design team - no matter how big or small - to build and maintain a design system with minimal effort and resources. We’re eager to hear the community’s thoughts and are looking forward to your feedback! Ask us anything 👏 😍
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@j_delafargue Would you mind talking about how this compares/competes with Zeplin? Why pick ZeroHeight?
@bleachedsleet Hi Collin! I believe we are addressing a different need. Zeplin helps designers communicate design resources to developers whereas we are focused on syncing shared Sketch components and styles between designers. If a designer updates a component or style in their shared zeroheight library, other designers on his team can easily apply that change to their local file. This makes it a lot easier for designers to a) use shared Sketch elements b) stay up-to-date with the latest design changes on their team. Ultimately this helps design teams deliver more consistent user experiences - which can be a pretty hard thing to do given how fast some teams and products grow!
@j_delafargue Excellent! Thanks for the answer
At Huddle we have been trialling zeroheight just before launch. It helped us a lot. We always struggled to maintain our separate styleguide and/or sketch template, and making sure the designers are using the latest version. The sketch plug-in allows us to add/update components to the styleguide. Once the component is there, everybody in team can drop in the latest version of the component in their sketch files. The webapp is nice too, it enables us to organise our styleguide and add context (where is what component used and why).
@bvgame Thanks Bauke!! 😇
zeroheight helps design teams deliver consistent user experiences. Using the zeroheight Sketch plugin, designers can easily organise their design library and sync each other's changes. Their design library is then automatically converted into a web styleguide hosted at Not only is the styleguide always up-to-date, but they can share it with internal and external stakeholders using a simple link!
It's hard to say since it's not out yet, but is this similar to Abstract?
@chrismessina Hi Chris! We've not had a chance to try it yet either but it does seem like we are solving a similar problem. As far as I can tell they are doubling-down on version control whereas we are more focused on deep integration with Sketch and auto-generating web living styleguides... it's an exciting time for design tools 😊
@chrismessina Seems like it's more in line with InVision App's "Canvas".
@j_delafargue @chrismessina interesting approach. Why did you decide to exclude version control and focus on the latest style guide as a living doc?
@kunalslab the short answer is that it solved a bigger problem for our early users!
@j_delafargue makes complete sense! Bigger problems solved, better product. Going through that same exercise right now @SlidesUp.
Huge Fan of Sketch. I am sure this will help out alot Dope🚬🚬