Zero Width Shortener (abbreviated as ZWS) is a URL shortener that shortens URLs using spaces that have zero width, making them invisible to humans.
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@treggify Not about the link shortener, but I really love the way you present the case studies on your website.
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all the URLs will look alike if this worked, confusing visitors to more than one person who uses this service.. also people might think the url is a mistake w 2 slashes and just directly visit instead of ever clicking the link. I think this needs more thought, sorry.
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Really cool! I wish it worked on twitter.
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@jajoosam yea same here didn't work in Twitter
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@jajoosam Good catch, I didn't try on Twitter before. We'll see how we're going to approach and fix this soon enough.
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@jajoosam @overcoder0 best of luck. It's a great idea, just needs to work across all the different random sites people use.
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@jajoosam @david_clifford9 This is exactly what we are doing now! Thanks!
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it is not zero width when open with Safari.
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@yaoping Can you please share a screenshot or something?
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@yaoping @karanganesan Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into that! :)
@yaoping I just released an update that changes one of the characters so that "MVS" doesn't show up.
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The idea is interesting, but yeah, multiple links may create confusion for both sides (users and link creators). Just curious - how did you come up with an idea to create this kind of a service? And why? Also, it's probably in your backlog already, but be sure not to forget to create a comfortable stats page. Because now seeing stats for multiple links takes a lot of time and nerve.
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