Zero Waste Club

Online plastic free grocery store.

Zero Waste Club is an initiative to reduce plastic waste and divert plastic trash from landfills and oceans.

You can buy items from Zero Waste Club that are 100% plastic free. Items can be shipped to your address at a minimal delivery charge. Let's go zero waste to save marine animals & the environment.

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Zero Waste Club is a wonderful initiative by my friend @pawansaunya All items purchased from Zero Waste Club are plastic free and being used to using plastic free items reduced the burden on the oceans and landfills to take these plastic wastes. We must all switch to plastic-free living to save the environment.
@pawansaunya @jitesh_dugar Hi Hitesh, thank you for the kind comment. We are a plastic free online grocery store and really want to provide people with an opportunity to reduce their plastic waste.
I've never seen a black toothbrush before
Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Love this idea! Would love to see more consumer products like biodegradable/recyclable trash/recycle bags, etc. Even things like refillable glass soap dispenser bottles.
@begraffic I think we will be putting up some reusable soap dispensers. Thanks for the reminder buddy!
this is pretty awesome idea, this kind of movements and businesses will definitely change people's minds towards consumption and their pollution foot print. Is this only shipping to US?
@mbalkini Thank you so much for your kind comment Mohammed. We are only UK based as of now. So we ship UK wide.
@pawan_saunya good luck, it is really exciting to see that your idea is both profitable and environment saver at the same time