Zero Inbox

An iPhone app made for zeroing your inbox

Zero Inbox is an iPhone app made for one goal -- zeroing your inbox! It comes with unique multi-action swipe UI, empowers you to triage your email in a delightful way on daily basis.
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Hi there, My name is Fang-Pen, you may know me via my previous pet project Avataaars Generator on Product Hunt. Here I am going to introduce my exciting new product Zero Inbox. I always wanted a simple iPhone email app that can help myself achieve zero inbox. And to get zero inbox, I found it really hard to do that with most email apps out there. Sometimes they are just too complex and doesn't fit my needs. I like swipe actions a lot, I found what I want is really awesome swipe actions for doing all my routines on daily basis. So, to push the limit of swipe action experience, I created a new kind of swipe action UI, which is, for swipe left and right, you can have not just one but multiple actions, as you can see in the demo video. I want to make zeroing inbox really an enjoyable daily activity so that it's really achievable! For now this app is still in very early stage development, it could be buggy and only has few features: - Multi-action swipe (with fixed options) - Blazing fast loading speed (parallel loading) It only supports few major email providers for now, and for Gmail, you need to enable two factor authentication and generate an application password to be able to login. And it's free app at this moment, soon I will launch a paid version that comes with more advanced features like "Customizable swipe actions" or third party integrations (some may still go into free app, not sure yet), here's the rough product road map - Customizable swipe actions - In mail swipe action (a bit like Tinder, but with multi-action swipe) - Combined swipe actions (one swipe can do many things like Mark read + Archive + push to Todoist) - Third party action integrations (like Todoist or other apps) - Smart avatar (load sender's avatar from known email list or public avatar database) Although it's early stage, you can try the multi-action swipe UI out and imagine the how the multi-action swipe becomes the center experience of this app and empower your daily email use cases in the near future. Hopefully you will like it, and the more people feel this is helpful, the more I can justify my own time spending on this project, so please let me know what you think :)
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@fangpenlin Interesting use of the swipe and spin for actions Items. I didn't like that there was no way to take action on an email once it is opened.
@andrewjb44 thanks for the feedback! Actually I have in email swipe action in my product road map already. There will be a floating UI at the bottom allows you to swipe. It will feel like Tinder, but for you email. πŸ˜„
@andrewjb44 I just finished in mail swipe, waiting for review it will soon be available on App store
@andrewjb44 @fangpenlin weird I do not see it in the Twitter image but once in the App Store I’ll check it out.
Really love the swipe UI, considering how much I use the swipe UI on my current mailbox!
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@christopher_lee4 thanks, glad you love it, I will try to make the swipe action more useful 😁 πŸ‘
@fangpenlin Good luck! Also, seeing as you just launched, if you're looking for your first adopters I just launched a service where for $12 you can ask 100 random people a question, and then follow-up and interview them based on how they answered. You could ask e.g. "How frustrated are you with your current mobile email app?" Anyway, just thought it may help! If you want to try it I'll give you $12 in free credits so you can get the initial question for free :)
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@fangpenlin, I have to say I am 100% blown away. I have been in the digital space, pre-Google, and I have never seen anything like the floating tool bar. Most fob’s or tool bars obstruct the interface which is awful for my iPhone 6S. This transparent bar is revolutionary. It took me a few seconds to notice it but now I am blown away by the usefulness!!!!!!!!!!
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@andrewjb44 oh, just realized you have already replied πŸ˜… I am very glad you like it, I use this app on daily basis, thanks for the kind words, I will do my best to keep improving this app πŸ˜πŸ‘
@andrewjb44 by the way, there are actually more to come with the floating bar, I was thinking to add navigation between emails by swiping up and down vertically, hopefully that could make it even more useful
Seeing ηŽ‰ε±±δΏ‘η”¨ε‘ on a PH screenshot feels like spotting a unicorn lol. This looks awesome! Will try it soon :)
@jovian haha, thanks, I just take random emails from my mailbox for making this demo showcase video
By the way, if anybody interested in how the UI was built, I use an interesting approach, I call it showcase driven development, I wrote an article before Boost Productivity with Showcase-driven Development for Mobile or Front-end App