Zero Breeze

The world's first portable, multifunctional air conditioner

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the technology is awesome, but the environmentalist in me wonders: do we really need A/C at the beach?
@jonathanmoyal -- I thought the same when i saw their ad video...I would have shot the Ad video in a hot place..not at a beach. I loved the product for its portability and other added features, it looks like a great product for the campers.
@jonathanmoyal Yes! Where i live, the beach is tooo hot to handle!
this is the most ridiculous thing ive seen in quite a while. i dont even know where to begin. first, lets all take a deep breath and remove all the marketing non-sense from that video: the music that reminds us of vacation, the pretty people on the beach, the cute kid having a great time with his family and especially the dude that thinks 14 pounds is "super light". got it? good. ive to contain myself not writing this in caps, but: an AC outside? like, really? because there is no other way to refresh yourself while being at the beach? or while sitting on a freakin boat? im pretty sure this device cant be used over distances further than a foot or 2, because even if you feel the airflow traveling even further, it will already be replaced by the warm air outside. lets assume this is a great idea. did somebody think about the ergonomics? there is no flexibility to adjusting the direction of the airflow. you essentially have to position a 14 pound block of plastic to precisely blow into the direction you desire. why do you think most fans come with an adjustable head? the only valid use case is inside a tent. but, honestly if you go camping and have the desire for an AC to be around, please dont go camping. all i see in this product is a global warming accelerator with build in LEDs and phone charging.
@gopietz the price is the only thing this could have had going for it, but at $350, I don't see it lasting
@gopietz Come spend a week in Florida. It won't seem so ridiculous then.
If there was a solar charger I would think about using this. Otherwise just seems like global warming... er cooling. :)
Makes me feel really happy to go to this page, immediately have environmental concerns, then see in the top comments others already expressing the same concern. 😄
This is handy (no pun intended). Luxurious summer camping gear. I wonder how long a single charge lasts though.
@rrhoover -- From their Kickstarter page, Zero-Breeze's power bank has a 64 cell battery which could operate for 5 hours in "medium" mode and 3.5 hours in "High" mode. Yeah, this looks cool (no pun intended) and if you are a camper, this is a must have.