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OK someone needs to say this, the pricing is RIDICULOUS. Triple the price of the leading model? https://www.amazon.com/Compostio...
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@kieran_danielsThe price issue is a good point, but maybe a lot more went into producing this one than the the other one. I mean, just from first glance, ZERA looks better and has an app. To me, it feels like a brand + a product, while the example give is just a product (not saying it doesn't get the job done, just comparing the two). That's why it costs more. I'm not saying I can afford it πŸ˜†, but I can see why the price for ZERA is more than your example.
@im_mimijae @kieran_danielsthe Well, for a "brand" that is starting off and don't have pricing power, it could be the reason why they fail. Afterall a brand is built over time, with consistency in delivering on their promises - this is still a no-name brand, where the early users are taking the risk. At the least they will have to match the pricing (call it introductory offer if they must) and over time, if the reviews are amazing, then they can always take off the discount and offer fullprice.
Interesting that this is being solicited via Indiegogo, but the site says it's a product of Whirlpool Corporation. So much for crowdfunding being used to launch small startups, now it's just an advertising platform for megacorps!
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@iota I wonder if PH can have that info filled on the "Makers" section. I genuinely thought this was a startup. Honestly, this is why I am losing interest in PH. It is becoming another list of gadgets and products launched by big corporations who won't care what feedback you give them anyways. *le sigh*
@iota Yeah, I've been noticing that too! Bigger companies are looking to compete with the startups...
This is a great idea to help combat food waste! $1200 MSRP seems...steep...to get into the whole sphere of it all. The site cites "The average family produces over 400 pounds of food waste per year" - how many average families can afford it though? πŸ€”πŸ˜
Ohhhh @ayrton I spy another smart waste bin you might love...
See: compost