Zephyr Seat

A lie-flat airline seat for economy class travelers

💺 The First Lie-flat seat designed for Economy Class travelers
😷 Social-distancing compliant seating module
✅ International patents filed for seat design and utility
🎥 As Seen on TV: Meet the Drapers, California by Design
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Wow! It's the way economy class should look like!
Hello Product Hunt World, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these crazy times! Two years ago, on a 17 hour flight between Los Angeles > Singapore I wondered why I was paying a premium for Premium Economy Class on the 2nd longest fight in the world and could not lie flat. If only I had paid an extra $8,000 for Business Class....but, I didn’t find any value in the “fancy” food, cheap wine, or nicer service. I just wanted to sleep. Why was it so expensive?? The mission: How to make inflight sleep affordable? The result: Zephyr Seat We spent two years of design, engineering and collaboration with seat manufacturers and airlines to construct the safest, most comfortable and affordable lie flat seat for any mode of long distance transport. The Zephyr Seat simply upgrades each existing Premium Economy Class on any twin-aisle aircraft maintaining the same seating density (2-4-2) in a unique double deck configuration. For Airlines: No loss of seats. A better, differentiated product worth more to the customer. For travelers: A lie flat bed with all aisle access for the price of Premium Economy Class. Zephyr was designed for ANY TRAVELER who wants a better inflight experience at a more affordable price. This will be a long journey, but I would be grateful for your support to help me force innovation where it is desperately needed: commercial air travel! Please reach our to me with any questions at any time. Dreaming big, Jeff
How can you fulfill the 90 second emergency exit requirements with ladders?
love the idea! but couple of questions: on these longer haul flights like you mentioned, how would flight attendants deliver meals to those on the upper levels? they are often wearing heels and it would be hard to climb the ladder, let alone carrying food. how would you get the passenger down if there’s a medical emergency safely (ex they have a stroke and can’t move themselves)? also this would likely delay safety checks, as flight attendants need to check if seatbelts are fastened and stuff; how would they check? looking forward to hearing from you!
See I stand by this idea 100% not because I have invested but because I truly believe this is ground breaking I think we as lower class and low middle class people deserve to feel as good as business class going where we want or have to go I know I wouldn’t like to take a vacation but have to go through all this trouble to then feel somewhat comfortable and that’s including jet leg lol but all around a good idea can’t wait to see it happen
@ricky_rios Thank you for your support!