Create and sell clothes to 140 million avatars from home

ZEPETO is an avatar platform with over 140 million registered users. With ZEPETO Studio, you can now design virtual clothes for ZEPETO users worldwide. Simply tweak our templates (or your own designs) and start selling within minutes to make money from home.
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Hey PH! We’re super excited to introduce ZEPETO Studio. Since we launched ZEPETO a year and half ago, we’ve seen a ton of people use our avatars to create new and exciting content. But after receiving continued requests to enable users to create their own items, we’re now rolling out our studio, where anyone can create and sell virtual apparel or accessories within minutes. We have a couple people from the team here on PH and will do our best to answer your questions. Really looking forward to seeing your creations!
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@rlvl Hi thank you so much for this opportunity but I tried Unity and still can't figure out how it works even with the tutorial.. Would it be possible to have a vid tutorial or an easier way to create our own items for beginners like me? Thank you in advance!
Hi sir.. Good morning does this means we can create items using our cell phone?
@notme_irl great idea we agree we need more content to help onboarding!
@rlvl Good day Sir can we create clothes on our phones? if not, then can you make it possible?
@rlvl Hi. Thank you for creating Zepeto. I submitted a custom design. How long does it take for the design to be approved after submitting? The design now is under Inactive status.
Hi! I really love zepeto! And I love the idea of zepeto studio. I have already designed a lot of things but just with 2d/unity. I have many ideas but I find I hard to understand and create thing in Maya. I wish that you could create somthing that make it easier for us to create our own design.
@hanin Hi Madona, you are right - we will continue to work on it :)
Love Zepeto. Great that they finally opened up their outfits to public! Pros - 1. Easy to make virtual outfits, using templates, for 2D Designers like me. 2. Make money from home when all the freelancing gigs are all dried up. 3. Super cute! Cons - 1. Importing into Unity can be a bit tricky. 2. Have to sign up on Zepeto first before using it.
@jason_green1 Thanks so much! Glad you're excited about Studio! Would love to get your feedback after you try it out!
Thank you creating it but it will very helpful if zepeto add something to help creators of the cloth to find their own cloth at the store. I find it difficult to find my own cloth that i create in store.
@nur_syahira_twoninesix Absolutely. We are working on that feature as you speak! Thanks for your suggestion, Nur!
Zepeto Studio is the only place I work for. I made my first personal clothing creation for the first time. Although I'm not into 3D Modelling, but I am more are of 2D Graphics, Vector Art, and Logo Making. This is where graphic artist should work on, if they arr interested in making vlothing creations for a mobile application.
@cedie_narciso You are right! We want to offer to all designers ways to realize their vision into a product with relative ease. Our users are loving all the user created outfits, and hope more designers join our platform.