A full fledged JIRA alternative for product teams

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 17, 2019
Zepel is the project management tool that goes beyond simple issue tracking so you can plan features, collaborate across teams, and track progress.
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Thank you Kevin for hunting us. Hi everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹, Iโ€™m Gautham, Co-Founder of Zepel. We started Zepel with the aim of providing software product teams a viable alternative to Jira and other issue trackers. We believe most project management tools have evolved from the core use case of issue tracking. While they might be great for tracking issues and ad hoc work items, when it comes to product development, bug tracking is only a part of the equation. We believe 2 key aspects make product/feature development different. - Unlike bug tracking, a feature needs to be conceptualised. With a form-based interface in the current tools, it becomes ridiculously difficult to spec out the requirements for a feature. - Shipping a feature involves multiple disciplines and rarely follows a single fixed workflow. Our approach to solving these two problems: - A text editor like interface that lets you specify your features, making it super simple to change or update items. - Multiple boards per project to capture every discipline with the flexibility to move items across these boards as per your use case. We believe its painfully hard for product teams to plan and ship features using JIRA and that's why we have created Zepel. We can't wait for you to try it out. Let us know what you think!
While I was looking for a Jira alternative I stumbled upon Zepel.io which not only is a note worthy alternative but much much more. I am pleasantly surprised by the product. Zepel.io is beautiful, easy to use, fast and full of features. We are a small consultancy team and even though the rest of the members aren't familiar with agile process and the relevant tools, i took me less than hour to walk them through the product and explain how things work etc and tailor the product to the team needs. Support is exceptional also. I had to reach support twice, first for questions about the product and second for a bug. The response was immediate for both cases, and they even fixed the bug I reported within 15 min. All in all I am amazed. Keep up the great work guys.
@gvag Thank you so much for the appreciation. Glad you love the product ๐Ÿ˜‡
Zepel is a refreshing take on bug tracking and feature management. It's beautiful, easy to use, and intuitive. It's evident that a lot of care and love went into making this product. Within 20 minutes of using Zepel, I was convinced that this is the tracking system we are looking for and moved all of our projects there. There were a few hiccups initially but @svikashk has been very responsive to feedback and bug reports. I love that the team takes bug reports seriously and rolls out updates quickly. The software is getting better and better by the day. Some features that I love: * The freeform typing to create a list. * Shortcut keys to quickly change between task type icon (bug vs enhancement etc) * The various slash commands you can use when you are creating a task to quickly assign to someone, to a board, set a due date etc * The autocomplete for tags * Assigning a task to multiple persons * The boards and their filters * Feature lists * The progress by feature * The powerfully simple search feature and the pinned results. * The UI and UX - to me this is their core feature. I am super excited to see Zepel's upcoming features/enhancements!
@anbiniyar Hey Anbin, We are delighted to hear you are enjoying Zepel within your team. Thanks a ton for the kind words. :)
Our team is loving Zepel. If you think JIRA is heavy and slow, you need to try out Zepel.
All I wanted was a Jira, that's easier to use like Dropbox Paper with collaboration for faster decisions and keeping track of progress! Zepel solves it well.
@akhilesh, Thanks for the kind words ๐Ÿ™Œ