Enterprise SIP trunking at wholesale prices

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Plivo's Zentrunk SIP trunking service is probably the easiest and most reliable way to deploy SIP trunks. Zentrunk is made for enterprises but priced for the masses. Businesses of all sizes can now run their sales, marketing, and support teams using Plivo's SIP trunks, which can be deployed in a matter of minutes and without upfront costs of traditional telecom providers. The team at Plivo is also putting quality first by utilizing all of the best practices from telecom and web infrastructure (i.e., optimized points of presence in seven regions, direct in-country carrier connections, quality-based routing, redundant architecture, disaster recovery, private MPLS interconnections, tier-1 telco peering, etc.). Plivo has launched Zentrunk as a solid cloud communication service that’s extremely simple to deploy. It's no wonder why they're making such big waves in the telecom world.
@justinkan thanks for the support! we are super excited about what we can disrupt in this market. It's absurd that we can get almost anything on demand these days, yet telecom is still so difficult. Hopefully, zentrunk will change that.
Founder of Plivo here. Zentrunk is our SIP Trunking service that provides you global coverage for making and receiving outbound and inbound voice calls using your current cloud or on-premise communications infrastructure (FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Cisco Call manager, Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business etc.). Whether you’re looking to add a high capacity carrier that can support your growth, or increase coverage and phone number inventory, Zentrunk can get you started instantly. No minimum spends, carrier negotiations or long-term contracts to maintain, Zentrunk lets you provision SIP Trunks instantly through our user interface or via our API. We are list pricing this very aggressively with further discounts at volume. E.g (Prices in US start at) $0.0062/min for outbound calls to local number $0.0030/min for inbound calls on a local $0.45 for a US local phone number Product Hunt Special: All PH users get immediate access during our Private Beta.
@Lucy Zhao Interesting project. As of all this telecom side of the system, how your billing, provisioning and mediation are working? Do you use some tools from third party developers (like this hunted today https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) or building everything by yourselves?
@Venky & @Plivo Congrats on the launch and making product hunt! Site looks great :)
@dantolb @venky @plivo Thanks for the support Daniel :)
Honestly... you're going to have to explain Trunking to me because I haven't got a f*cking clue what that means... Looks like phone calls of some sort... what about things like Rebel Calling which costs $1/month for international calling? Also I can see (from the advances of Slack etc) that there are going to be more and more communication channels from within the apps we use today. Wouldn't be surprised to see Facebook make a move here soon when more and more businesses leverage their messenger platform etc. But that comment is solely based on me not knowing WTF trunking is... So maybe take that as there could be a simple way to explain it to everyone in one sentence on the landing page.... or I dont know the industry well enough
@bentossell Just explained that in the comment below. Its an offering for users with their own telecom infra like Microsoft Lync, to be able to make and receive calls.