Wearable tech for your emotional wellbeing

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Ecstatic to share the product that embodies our big vision at VINAYA - which from the start has been to help create and design technology that can help us find a cure for stress and counter the downfalls of digital distraction. This is a product that can help us tackle our modern mental wellbeing and ultimately make us more human, not less. Hope you'll all check out the Indiegogo page and join us in decoding the human mind!!
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looks really cool, love that a wearable is addressing emotional wellbeing
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Hey Hunters! Check out this brand new wearable launched today on IGG - Here's what Forbes says about it: "ZENTA is the world's first designer biometric wearable that interprets your emotions, helps you understand your own behavioral patterns, and allows you to share how you feel." http://www.forbes.com/sites/vivi...
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@lisaroolant why should people buy ZENTA?
@earemu I would buy it because of its ability to cross-reference data from its advanced sensors with smartphone data and the user's own subjective input - meaning the product can give context to your data and actually tell you something meaningful about yourself that you didn't know before, so that you can build better habits. I'm personally not into existing wearables on the market, because they fail to do that. Also, VINAYA have designed some beautiful technology, another barrier to why I wouldn't purchase other wearables. All the ZENTA design models are super slick. VINAYA have already established a supply chain with their first product range, which is probably the biggest challenge for hardware startups, and they inject modern science into their products. Their ethos is also all about promoting "digital balance" - so this is a device that helps you get off of your devices and back to real life. For me that's all a win - but perhaps I am biased :)
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I am so excited about this - just backed the campaign for Zenta on Indiegogo - it's beautiful and takes wearables to another level.
One of the best designed wearables I've ever come across. Love the emotional tracking aspect as well!