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Fantastic app! Great combination of sources - usually apps like this will only have one or two, or even none! The tools supplied are great too, many times I've wanted to blur an image from Unsplash to use as a wallpaper and the workflow was too messy... Would love to be able to have custom sorting or search parameters for feeds.
ZenScreen makes it really easy to create wallpapers for iOS using some of the best photo libraries and collections around — including Unsplash, Flickr, Reddit, SpaceX, APOD, and your own photos. Once you've selected an image you can edit the it (adjusting position, scale, blur, saturation, contrast, brightness) and preview exactly what it will look like on the homescreen and lockscreen. Simple!
A few of the images from Unsplash don't make sense as phone wallpapers to me, but it's nice that there are filters to choose from. I found an excellent shot of Seattle. A bit of slowness in the app, but overall a good experience.
Why can't I simply browse a feed by swiping left or right? Only one wallpaper loads by default and to go through the feed l have to click the '+' sign. Am I missing something @oliverwaters ?