On-Site, Wi-Fi-driven email collection platform + analytics

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I haven't personally used this service yet but out of the various vendors I've looked at to perform this functionality, I appreciate the design and UI here best. Looking forward to giving them a spin for my Father's auto shop cc @kgautorepair
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Hi ProductHunt community - thanks for the support! The entire Zenreach team is thrilled to be included. We built Zenreach because we wanted to bring the automation, targeting and reporting of digital marketing to the offline world. Our goal is to provide real world, small businesses with the same tools and advantages that the biggest e-commerce players have online. In addition to collecting and sending emails on behalf of our customers, what really sets us apart is our "walk-through rate." Think CTR, but for real world businesses. Being able to tell a business how many people an email brought back through the door is incredibly powerful and leads to more targeted and relevant emails for the end user. In the end, everyone wins.