Make your Airpods case into a fidget spinner

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ZenPod is designed to give you a subtle fidgeting outlet with two integrated high-precision bearings.

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Emm Arr
  • Emm Arr
    Emm ArrEngineer by nature

    okay - a toy



    come one!... just add a Neodymium magnet (they are so cheap even boxes of throw away shit from walmart has them) and a coil... and voila! - change as you spin!.... crank chargers for emergency radios and flashlights have been around since before Radio Shack & LED lights ...

    given the resistance may reduce the 'spinner' feel a bit.. but that's easily rectified by making the center pushable to switch between spin mode and charge mode AND adding more weight on the 4 corners for high circular momentum... which would feel nice any way

    Emm Arr has never used this product.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I have such mixed feelings about this 😆
Gabriel LewisHunter@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
@rrhoover All silliness aside it seems like a really premium Airpods case. They sell normal leather cases for $20 as well. https://www.airvinyldesign.com/s...
Ryan Goldstein
Ryan GoldsteinMaker@ryan_goldstein · Founder, Air Vinyl Design
@rrhoover I actually couldn't agree more! It's a completely ridiculous idea, but also the most fun thing to have on your AirPods. I never used fidget spinners, but I would always fidget with the lid on my AirPods - the integrated spinner just fit so perfectly with Apple's form factor! Definitely would recommend giving it a try!
Danny Cohen
Danny Cohen@danny_cohen1
Wow, this is awesome. BUT don't love the advertising of free shipping over $30 when the only product is 29.99 . Don't know why that turned me off so much
Sam Ayres
Sam Ayres@sam_ayres
@danny_cohen1 Because it's a crappy marketing tactic
Mohamed Mess
Mohamed Mess@mohamed_mess · Designer , Sail , i love great products
i Liked the idea though :) Cool
Ryan Goldstein
Ryan GoldsteinMaker@ryan_goldstein · Founder, Air Vinyl Design
@mohamed_mess Thanks! Glad to hear you like it!
Edwin Wee
Edwin WeeHiring@edwinwee · Stripe
instabuy...can't wait for it to arrive next week
Nick@nick_stask · Legal Engineer and Entrepreneur
this is huge!