ZenPilot Title Formatter

An easier way to correctly capitalize titles and count text

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Pro Tip: Taglines for product posts on PH should be lowercase :) This tool can help!
@bentossell thanks Ben - great point! πŸ˜„
Hey PH! Title Formatter is a quick and straightforward tool built with content creators in mind. It does 2 very simple things, both aimed at saving you time and mental energy: 1. Instantly capitalizes titles correctly (there are additional options for other use cases as well). 2. Live counts words and characters so you can see your progress on the fly and know when you're up against your limit (example: you may be shooting for a 60-70 character blog post title. Now you'll know when you're there without having to use a second tool). There's nothing new technology-wise here - everything done here in v1 has been done before. The improvement here is defragmentation (bringing together two important tools), lightning-fast functionality, and a beautiful UI. Oh, and the price tag of $FREE.00 πŸ˜„ v1 here was a quick weekend build, but future iteration possibilities include title optimization ("here's what you should say" not just "here's how you should format it"), writing feedback for longer content (a la Hemingway, Grammarly, etc.), and additional language support. Would love to hear your feedback!
@sgraymackenzie Does this mean you recommend capitalizing this way for blog posts? Or is it a personal preference thing? I always like just capitalizing the first letter in the enter title, not every word.
Hey @scottbuscemi - good question. To some extent, it's personal preference. I think of people like Aaron Ross who've chosen to never capitalize anything and it's become part of his brand. Some people like it, some people hate it, but it's recognizable as his style. Personally, I recommend following convention unless you have a clear reason to vary. The most common style is APA (which varies a little from Chicago, MLA, etc.) where the title capitalization rules are basically: 1) Capitalize the first word of the title. 2) Capitalize major words and 4+ letter words. 3) Capitalize nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns. 4) Capitalize both words when the capitalized word is a hyphenated compound. 5) Capitalize the first word after dashes or colons. That's simple, straight-forward, and instantly familiar to most readers. Then, when you have a situation that calls for breaking the norms (going uppercase, lowercase, or making styling changes), use good judgment, but don't be afraid to do so. That's my black and white-ish take on a cloudy gray topic haha πŸ˜„
@sgraymackenzie Thanks! We were just debating this internally recently, and it looks like your APA recommendation will make my project manager happy πŸ€“