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Joel Andren
Joel Andren@joelandren · co-founder, PressFriendly
Fabulous product. So much easier than all the alternatives.
Clare Corthell
Clare CorthellHunter@clarecorthell
We had issues with quickbooks running payroll randomly and paying to accounts we didn't expect - not fun. ZenPayroll is stupid easy, clear, and they deal with IRS and backend pieces you shouldn't have to spend your time on. Hurrah for the product that doesn't suck!
Tucker Max
Tucker Max@tucker_max
We use it at BookInABox. It's pretty remarkable, how good it is. We actually study the workflow and decision trees of our payroll software and learn from it, that's how good it is.
Khaled Naim
Khaled NaimHiring@kentuktek · Co-Founder and CEO, Onfleet
We use ZenPayroll at Onfleet and couldn't be happier customers :) Fabulous product with a world class support team.
Joseph Hsieh
Joseph Hsieh@webjoe · Growth.
This is a must.
Justin McGill
Justin McGill@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
I use ZenPayroll and love it. They handle the taxes, direct deposits, etc...it's a beautiful system. I was so happy when they rolled it out for AZ!