The easiest way to pay your employees

Hey, Product Hunters! I’m Tomer, one of the co-founders of ZenPayroll. We provide full service payroll for thousands of startups and small businesses. One of the things that our customers love is that we completely automate all payroll taxes, reporting, compliance, and other hassles. We also have a nifty feature which runs payroll automatically for you, so you never have to log in (we call it AutoPilot). But most importantly, we make payday for employees a true celebration. 😊 We’re excited to give the Product Hunt community a special offer: your first 3 months of payroll are free! Feel free to drop me a line here if you have any questions! Also, check out what our customers are saying about us on Twitter.
ZenPayroll is so simple to use. I used Paychex in the past. What a hassle! They wanted to talk to me on the phone for everything and I kept getting passed between reps when I needed something. When ZenPayroll, I can do everything on the website and their support staff responds quickly without me needing to call.
@ssnacks Thanks for the kind words! We're so happy we can help out your business and we love having you as a customer.
ZenPayroll has hands down been one of the best services I've used as a startup founder/entrepreneur. This was a major pain point for us with QuickBooks Online. @tomerlondon and team have taken a frustrating and often time consuming process and turned it into something I almost look forward to doing every few weeks. I never expected to say that about a payroll service :) As you might imagine, transitioning from one payroll provider to another can be a nightmare, but ZenPayroll has a great migration walkthrough that made this quick and easy. I've called in a number of times and the team is always quick to answer and help. Our employees love ZP as well. Thanks for taking one more thing off my plate!
How many states are you in now?