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Ryan Hoover
Founder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund
SF is arguably even harder to find a decent, affordable apartment. I got lucky finding a place when I moved 5 months ago but have been through the pain of hunting through fake postings and outrageously competitive listings on Craigslist. I like that Zenly provides videos for each apartment. Also check out @zeb's NY-based RentHackr. cc'ing @nbashaw who recently moved to NY.
Nathan Baschez
Working for progress.
The unique thing about NY is that to see good places you usually have to work with a broker. I looked on craigslist and other sites for apts, found some decent options, and emailed probably 30 people. Got 2 responses, both brokers. They have a complete lock on the market, and you have to pay them anywhere from 10% to 15% of the entire year's lease :( I'm all for anyone who can disrupt that situation.
Zeb DropkinMaker at Northbooks, gonorthbooks.com
@nbashaw @rrhoover we're working on it. Should have some good progress to report this Summer.
Isaac Palka
Co-Founder @ Zenly
@rrhoover Thanks, the videos are the key to saving you time and avoiding fake listings. Most of our users actually take the first apartment they visit in person because they were able to "apartment hunt" online. We hope to get to SF sooner rather than later and make your next apartment search more Zen :-) @nbashaw Not really a lock, although it certainly seems like it. Zenly works directly with many of the leading property management firms and provides end-users with real listings, enabling you to rent your apartment online through Zenly, no broker.