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Aymeric Gallissot
Aymeric GallissotHiring@plougy · Co-founder, iOS Software Engineer
Seriously, we can talk about design taken from Stripe?
Ivan Akimov
Ivan AkimovMaker@ivanakimov · Founder of ZenLocator
Hi @plougy, you're right - design for homepage was taken from Stripe, and it was more of a personal challenge to see if I could recreate something that cool (obviously no code was taken). There is a re-design on the way, so it won't be there for much too long... Thanks for checking out :)
Greg Stone
Greg Stone@gregstone14 · Owner & Designer at ChampKid Design
@ivanakimov since you're redesigning, may I recommend bringing your images to a higher resolution on the new site. On a retina display, the smaller text and details are fuzzy and even hard to read making it look pretty unpro. I like where you're going with this though.
Ivan Akimov
Ivan AkimovMaker@ivanakimov · Founder of ZenLocator
@gregstone14 Thank you so much for the recommendation, Greg. I agree, they should look better & clearer... Will definitely do!