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#4 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2014
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I'm still a big fan of Momentum (one of the early hunts, a year ago), which surfaces a simple prompt in each new Chrome tab with the day's #1 goal. While I appreciate the simplicity, @fahdananta, I can't see myself switching to this without more of a hook to bring me back. Is there a way you can make me more productive? Can you make me feel more "badass" for using it (see this blog post)? Just some thoughts. :)
@rrhoover certainly true. i'm working on building a dashboard to help track productivity and review progress as well as a smarter way to manage tasks. part of the inspiration comes from Sep Kamvar's essay (http://farmerandfarmer.org/maste...). the product should facilitate a need while remaining self-limiting and cyclical in nature. this is the opposite of trying to keep people's attention. think Google Search vs. YouTube. Kettle vs. Television.
I've been reading about Zen and Buddhism. So, I made this to help distill my day down to 3 tasks. Focus, be productive, and then enjoy the rest of the day. Set 3 goals in the morning and check them off as you go. At the end you can see when you finished them. Will be adding weekly+monthly progress emails shortly.
Love the idea. Is there an iOS/Android app in the pipe?
@nicomage Thanks Nico. I'm building out the web first (this is a pretty rough version). If there's enough interest, for sure!
Awesome stuff @fahd!
Will it work on mobile someday?