Simplify each day with three goals

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@fahdananta · Thinker
yo thanks @filipmares!
Would you recommend Zenlist to a friend?


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm still a big fan of Momentum (one of the early hunts, a year ago), which surfaces a simple prompt in each new Chrome tab with the day's #1 goal. While I appreciate the simplicity, @fahdananta, I can't see myself switching to this without more of a hook to bring me back. Is there a way you can make me more productive? Can you make me feel more "badass" … See more
@fahdananta · Thinker
I've been reading about Zen and Buddhism. So, I made this to help distill my day down to 3 tasks. Focus, be productive, and then enjoy the rest of the day. Set 3 goals in the morning and check them off as you go. At the end you can see when you finished them. Will be adding weekly+monthly progress emails shortly.
Nico Mage
@nicomage · co-founder & designer @ It Rocks Studio
Love the idea. Is there an iOS/Android app in the pipe?
Filip Mares
@filipmares · Engineering, Skype
Awesome stuff @fahd!
@odedharth · CEO of MDalgorithms
Will it work on mobile someday?