Automated IRS tax calculation & forms for crypto investors

ZenLedger simplifies calculating and filing taxes for crypto investors and CPAs. Upload your transactions to see your tax estimates for free. Line-by-line accounting output, tax loss harvesting tool, all major wallets and exchanges are supported! Exceptional EOS support and customer service.

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Hey Product Hunters! Today I am excited to announce ZenLedger’s maiden listing on Product Hunt!⚡⚡ ZenLedger helps crypto investors and accountants with their taxes. We know what a nightmare taxes and accounting can be in crypto. You have to juggle so many transactions across dozens of exchanges and wallets. Tons of different data formats and addresses. So this tool saves you a lot of time and frustration while also helping to avoid over-paying taxes. 😒 📉 ZenLedger’s team of tax and tech experts has processed over $500 million dollars of transactions, so it’s really battle tested. Thousands of investors and accountants have already used the software to get their tax filings right. We strive to help everyone stay on the right side of the IRS, which is why we constantly work with the best tax professionals in crypto. The markets are crazy and the tax man is scary, so we’re here to help. You may be able to save $3,000 on your income taxes as well if you had losses in 2018. You’ll want to file your taxes quickly to get your refund. We’ve assembled a great team and investors to solve this headache for you. Some of our team members are: Pat Larsen, CEO. Navy helicopter pilot. UChicago MBA. Investment banker and startups. Bryan Starbuck, CTO. 10 years at Microsoft. 10 years in own startups. Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA. Expert in crypto accounting and tax litigation. Ben Davenport, Investor. Founder of BitGo wallet. Nic Carter, Investor. Castle Island VC, Fidelity Blockchain strategy group. We are offering a ProductHunt special for those that want to start simplifying their crypto taxes with ZenLedger. 😻 Some other things you can look forward to with ZenLedger: Excellent Customer Service: _ _ _ We’re here to help you with questions small and large about the app, exchanges, data, CSVs and wallets. Every day. Simple, Fast & Accurate: _ _ _ With an ever-improving user interface, we make it as easy as possible for you to upload your transactions, adjust details after import, and see your tax reports. We will provide you with tax loss harvesting, Schedule D, Form 8949, and a comprehensive view of all of your transactions that we call Grand Unified Accounting. Our Grand Unified Accounting output ensures that you and your CPA have control over each line item, and allows you to see exactly how we’ve calculated your tax obligation. No black box algorithm – you see how ZenLedger has treated each trade in our transparent system. No other software gives you this level of detail across all of your exchanges and wallets. Our tax loss harvesting tool lets you easily see what coins you should sell to realize a tax loss and save on capital gains taxes. By April, 2019 we will also support FinCen 114 FBAR and FACTA. Superior Support for EOS, all Exchanges and Currencies: _ _ _ Along with supporting all the top wallets, exchanges and currencies, we also provide support to intelligently handle ERC20 ICO EOS buy-in coins, auto converting to EOS mainnet through exchanges (like Binance) or wallets (like Exodus wallet). Please ask us any questions that you might have about crypto taxes, and specifically how to implement a tax loss harvesting strategy for your 2018 tax year! Best, Pat CEO, Cofounder of ZenLedger.io URL for ZenLedger Youtube Video https://youtu.be/EtjaK8HKZ6E
There is also a 20% off coupon for the first 500 signups "producthunt20"

I like their User experience. And if you have any problem understanding about taxes they have very good customer support.


Awesome Support & UI, Excellent tools integrated, Tax Loss Harvesting Guide, Unified Accounting, Self Transfers Tracking, Blockchain Support


None really when compared to the alternatives.

ZenLedger is one of the best crypto tax software options on the market. Pat and his team are top notch and I highly recommend working with them.
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I believe ZenLedger (www.zenledger.io) is the solution that really stands out from all the crypto tax solutions available there in the market that has tons of useful features, which all the crypto investors need to manage and streamline their crypto assets and taxes incurred. If you are the crypto investor or CPA, you must be overwhelmed by all the challenges while managing your or your client's crypto assets and prepare for tax filing. With Zenledger (www.zenledger.io) you don't have to worry about the nightmare of taxes and accounting in crypto. Since you are the investor or CPA who knows best, where to invest. I recommend all to checkout Zenledger, you will be fascinated by its awesomeness.
@trp Thank you! We're hoping to help CPAs and investors gain peace of mind when dealing with these issues.

It is the best product on the market


Very easy to use


No crypto tax product is free