Zenkit Desktop Apps

Organize your projects and team. Now on Mac, Windows, Linux.

Zenkit is now available on your desktop. Apps for Mac, Windows and Linux mean you can work in a dedicated Zenkit window away from distraction. Quickly add items with the new quick-add feature, bring Zenkit up to the front with a shortcut, and stay productive, even when you're offline.

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Hi ProductHunt! 👋 We’re super excited to be launching our desktop apps for Zenkit today. We really wanted to make sure we catered to as many of our users as possible, which meant making the desktop apps available on as many platforms as possible. That’s why we’ve built apps not only for Mac and Windows, but for Linux too! 💻 With the new Zenkit apps you can: - Create items from anywhere on your desktop with quick-add - Focus on your work in a beautifully distraction-free Zenkit window - Open multiple Zenkit windows to work on multiple collections at a time - Jump to your main Zenkit window with a shortcut - Stay productive, even when you’re offline Thanks for taking a look. We’d love to hear what you think, so please feel free to ask us anything!
Yes! Been waiting for this day 😄 now just need iPhone X UI update 📱
@abuttsy Yay! I hope you enjoy using it 🤗 RE: iPhone X UI update - we're looking into it! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback 👍
So glad to see a Linux app for once :D What distros are supported?
@ilya_azovtsev Great question, Ilya! We tested on a fair few distributions, and the app supports Ubuntu 12.04 & later, Fedora 21 & later, Debian 8 & later, and Arch. That being said, there are loads of distributions so we might have missed some. If you run into any issues please contact service@zenkit.com and we'll sort it asap.

It's a really easy to use solution for tracking your projects and workload, regardless of how simple or complex a system you use for doing so.

I enjoy it because it allowed me to start with a simple list, but then move to a visual representation over time.




Other solutions are more well known

Hi Peter, great stuff, have been following Zenkit for a while now. How important do you see desktop apps in comparison to (only) browser based solutions and if highly important, do you think this will be the case in a 1-2 years still? Thanks!
@patprokesch Hi Patrick, Great question! Desktop apps were really highly requested by our users, and we want to make sure that Zenkit is available on any device, platform, or operating system that our users prefer. Building a desktop app also offers us more opportunity to interact directly with the OS, so there will be some additional features/advantages available in the desktop version later on. I don't see the desire for desktop apps disappearing any time soon. Many users and teams prefer the distraction-free environment of a desktop app over the tabs of a browser. That being said, we built ours as progressive web apps so that they can evolve quickly along with the web and mobile versions.

I always was afraid of working with free Wifi on business trips. With this feature I can work offline and update it at home:)


Work offline on the run


It´s not on the Mac Store yet