ZenJournal 2.0

Lightning-fast chat UI journal with an unique Discreet Mode

ZenJournal is a lightning-fast zero-stress journal app with an unique Open and Type chat-like UI with Double Tap to Hide Discreet Mode, with a unified log and search box where you can simply type ? to Search, and a log stream where you can Pull Up to Graph
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Happy New Year! 🎊 PH friends, This is Shao, maker of ZenJournal here πŸ™. To help the cause of freshly-formed New Year Resolutions, following last year's successful launch of ZenJournal 1.0 (see how much it has grown!), I'm excited to launch ZenJournal 2.0 for iOS today. Android is still on 1.5, but it is also significantly updated since last year's launch with most of the core features. To recap: ZenJournal is not just a journaling app, because, let's be honest here, we can never keep these. It's your private Twitter account where you can vent about everything, without upload anything. It's your email to yourself, without going through your inbox. It's your private Slack channel or Telegram group that only has one member where you save all your #todos, #ideas, and #rants. It's your external memory that you can search, organize, reflect everything, without losing anything. To reduce the friction and increase the input bandwidth when you log, ZenJournal 2.0 has: - Open and Type, there is no Step 2. - Type '?' and Search, because there is only one stream. - Double-tap to hide with Discreet Mode, which obfuscates all your logs, so you can keep logging in public spaces. πŸ†• - Pull up to see a 100-day heatmap, so you can reflect and showoff how diligent you've been. - Auto-suggest #hashtags, use them to track your moods, tag your #todos, and combine it with the heatmap. - Lock your logs with TouchID/FaceID, only if you want. πŸ†• - Redesigned dark mode inspired by Superhuman. πŸ†• - Backup and Restore as plain JSON files. Again, πŸ†•features are for V2 iOS only, with an Android release coming soon. Few fun facts: - It was launched as a Show HN on Xmas day, briefly reached the front page. - This Reddit post outlined some non-goals for design of ZenJournal. - It has no third-party analytics other than Apple/Android system default analytics. Check out the Privacy Policy. - The preview video was made with Apple Keynote. (it's a bit too fast, only got 30 seconds.) - Website created with Carrd by @ajlkn. - Created with React Native. Please feel free to leave your feedback here or DM. More updates can be found on Twitter via https://Twitter.com/TheZenJournal
@ajlkn @shaomeng_zhang Congratulations on the launch! nice preview video as well!
@fajarsiddiq thanks Fajar! Definitely not as professional looking as videos you made. But it’s a quick hack using Apple keynote. πŸ™
This is really interesting. I actually use a private slack channel for my personal journal where I can write anything and no one can see it. I have a few quick questions: do you have a revenue model? Can you add pictures?
@iamjmw The cheeky answer is adding pictures is the revenue model. 😜All current features are free, but as more features are added, my plan is to experiment with a Freemium model. Currently the sustaining power is purely because of my personal journaling needs. I find most journaling apps too distracting to be productive.
Very cool and congrats on the launch!! I always tell myself i'm going to start journaling and then I never find the time......I'm going to try this!
@leslie_heller thanks for the shoutout. ZenJournal tries to make experience as clean and frictionless as possible. Hope it works out for you. πŸ™