Fastest stress-free journal with chatting interface.

ZenJournal is the fastest stress-free journal app that you can use to:

● Shield your self from the frenzy contest of social media.

● Cure your fatigue with a stress-free micro journal.

● Find your inner peace, build up your self-awareness.

● Log your random #ideas and #musings.

● Stream-of-consciousness style writing.

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    Simple, fast and easy archable



    I used this for my daily fast notes, it's everything it needs, but nothing more.

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Hi PH friends, I created ZenJournal to scratch my own itch: I often have random ideas, private thoughts, and personal reflections that don’t really suit any existing social media. I wanted to find an extremely simple and fluid way to log these. Typical journal or note taking apps are usually feature rich beasts that’s nothing but fast and fluid, with many wasted white space and a stressful blank new journal entry view that doesn’t align well with how I normally journal. I liked how Slack grouped all recent messages in one group as long as your message is typed within 5 minutes of last message. My habit of journaling micro fleeting multiple-times-a-day logs suits the chatting paradigm perfectly. So ZenJournal was born. The resulting journal is just a stream of logs that you can write, read and filter right there as you open the app: no dedicated search or add view, just one simple stream. It’s an extremely simple app, but I hope it will help you as it has helped me in creating a balanced diet of private and public sharing. I’ve used ZenJournal way more than any other social media apps I’ve used. Also as a result, I’ve been more active on Twitter as I’ve ever been before this app. Why? I think it might be: we long for the connections that we create with people that we share our ideas with. But we often ignore the awareness and connections that we can create by being reflective. Social media are often open and permanent and, as a result, only reflect the highly curated and filtered part of our lives. On the other dimensions of fleeting and private digital space, we might as easily find peace as we find happiness on social media. I created the majority of the app over two weeks few months back using React Native. I spent the rest of the time procrastinating and doing way too many trivial tasks that I thought will marginally help the launch. I’m glad it’s finally launched here. AMA about the app and the process and let me know what’s your go-to system for journaling and what do you like/dislike about it? Sign up for the mailing list if you want to follow the development of new features and join the beta program. A couple things on top of my list: - Access control and encryption - Autocomplete on hashtags - ...
@randomor is working on a new ui ✨, so there will be some updates in the future which will make it even a better app, stay notified!
@pregenun has been playing with the design as I’m obviously no designer... Stay tuned...
So happy to see you finally launch today, congrats! 👏👏
@satwaya Thank you so much for the support! I'm so lucky to have found such a great community...
@mhrnik hey! thanks for following the updates and being part of the beta program!
Hey Shaomeng, this si awesome. Great idea, the chat interfase is genius!
@tarotsutsumi_ thank you! Journal app is an old category. It’s funny how changing the paradigm could open up all kinds of possibilities. I hope you would find it useful.
Love that someone did this, I had also wanted a journaling tool that’s basically a private Twitter! Hope you can expand on this, my number one feature request would be threading - being able to reply to an existing entry to add to it. And maybe a calendar view
@dming1 interesting... I’m surprised that you didn’t ask for the photo logs first... this is the first time I heard of the threads in the logs. What would you use a thread for? Why would you reply to a log from a while ago? I’ve got some ideas, but would love to hear your use case... Also, for sure this is just step one, I’m going to exploit and explore this pattern a lot moving forward... Calendar view or some analytics is also on my list...