Zenith - Space Adventure

Minimalistic space adventure puzzle game for iOS

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Hey everybody, my name is Matt Kula and I am a student at DePaul University. I have been an Android dev for a few years but wanted to try my hand at making an iOS game so this is the product of my desire to learn. I wanted to make it compelling yet difficult, so I hope you enjoy it!
Honestly it's kind of cool. What's not cool is the random popups in game and a forced timed app advert screen. I'd rather pay a buck or two for the game to not have any of that. And gamecenter integration for scores w/ friends. Can't play with the popups and oops clicks on full screen advert. I'm out.
@chuckreynolds Thanks for the feedback, Chuck. I have already submitted the $1 version that takes away ads, just waiting for Apple to approve it. I am also still experimenting with the most effective way to show the ads without being annoying. Also, Game Center is near the top of my things to do for sure! I appreciate your thoughts!
@matt_kula schweeet. While I'm at it... should put some hints or pointers on that first 'menu' in the left pane... after messing around it becomes apparent you're in a tutorial and you have to pull down to see the 'next steps' in said tutorial but it wasn't very clear at first. And how many of them are there? 8? or 50? lol... maybe a bubble/ball breadcrumb thingy or a "2 / 10" designation... Otherwise I get the simplicity... it did seem fairly difficult but with the ads I didn't play it long enough to get past the orbit when the objective is orbiting the same mass as I was. Like 4th or 5th objective? so. yea. :) Feel free to blow me up on Twitter. I like testing games. Cheers