Raise your consciousness, self-awareness, and mindfulness

Zenify was designed to enrich your life by periodically interjecting simple meditation assignments and mindfulness reminders into your everyday activities. These prompts will coach you to live with more awareness of the present moment. Tune in to your senses and install Zenify now (available in 10 languages)

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Hello Product Hunters! I'm the creator of Zenify and i'll be here to answer any of your questions and comments! Zenify is aimed to take meditation and mindfulness global to everyone with a smartphone. It's available in 10 languages and trains mindfulness through very simple meditation assignments delivered to the phone. There are numerous benefits of meditation but in general it changes the lives and the world to the better. So why not make this happen together? Tune in to your senses and help us spread the word :) Much love :)
I used this app during my beach vacation. It was so nice to stop for a minute and contemplate a beautiful painting or meditate on the moment. It's the best solution for "living on autopilot" like most of us do.
A handy combination of behaviours and habits to focus on.
Lost my habit of using Calm.com app after traveling around for a while. Gonna try this, @levon377! Hope the reminder function helps me get into a habit of staying mindful! :)
@alfred_lua Thank you Alfred, I'm pretty sure Zenify will be helpful in training your mindfulness so that you stay present and aware of whatever is happening inside and outside of you. However some effort will still be needed from your side as well :) Would love to hear your feedback after you use it for a while. Thanks again!
@alfred_lua would love for you to try our slack bot that combines mindfulness, breathing techniques, water reminders and stretches, all at your desk https://www.producthunt.com/post... (good thing is other peeps at buffer are already using our bot!)
Nice product, I'll download and give it a try. I've been using Headspace for a while and have also tried Calm.com. How would you say Zenify differs in approach and execution from those apps?
@ashread_ Ashley, thank you for your comment and the question. Headspace and Calm are surely great meditation apps - however the principal difference is that Zenify assignments can be done anywhere anytime not requiring a headphone or even privacy, you simply read a short explanation of the technique and try to do it. These techniques are very simple and short in time (just a few minutes). Also, you don't have to remember about your meditation and mindfulness practice and find special time for it. Zenify will be sending you meditation assignments and awareness reminders throughout your day as many times as you configure them in the settings. Like this, over time, you will become more mindful and aware even amidst a very busy day :-)
@ashread_ By the way, because our techniques and reminders are text based we were able to translate the app to 10 languages, namely Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugues, Russian and Spanish. To my knowledge Zenify is the only meditation and mindfulness app available in so many languages :-)