ZenHub Workspaces

Create different workflows using the same GitHub repo.

Every software team works differently, even when working on the same set of GitHub Issues. Workspaces lets software teams create different workflows using the same Repository. Now every team can work in the way that fits their specific needs, tasks and styles.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Aaron, one of the co-founders over at ZenHub—the only project management solution built directly into GitHub’s user interface. While software development is increasingly becoming a team sport, the way that teams work and collaborate on projects often differ. Even within the same organization, we often see teams adopting different methodologies and approaches when it comes to managing work in ZenHub. Despite that, one of the biggest pain points for teams using ZenHub today is the need to decide on a single workflow when it comes to tracking work within their boards. In larger organizations, especially, this isn’t always practical or easy, often leading to an unwieldy “monoboard” approach. Today, we’re launching ZenHub Workspaces, a new feature to allow teams to create their own unique workflow using a common set of GitHub Repositories. In practice, this lets... - Kanban and Scrum teams create boards that match their preferred way of working - Teams with different areas of focus, like frontend or backend development, maintain their own workflow while collaborating on projects that touch both areas - Contract and offshore teams create their own separate Workspace for easier collaboration While this might seem like a fairly straight-forward addition to the product, it’s a fundamental shift in how ZenHub interacts with GitHub. The way Workspaces was built required us to not only rewrite our own existing schema, but re-envision how and where information can exist in GitHub. On that note, I’d like to thank the amazing ZenHub team. This is just the beginning of an exciting roadmap of features that we’ll be launching over the coming months, and we’re looking forward to continuing to build the future of how software teams collaborate!

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