ZenHub Reporting Suite

Get deep and actionable insights from your Github repos

Get the data-driven reports you’ve always wanted from GitHub. Developers, project managers, and product owners use ZenHub to manage project scope, increase the speed of delivery, improve the predictability of releases, and to see where bottlenecks persist.
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Hey Product Hunt 👋 I’m Aaron, co-founder at ZenHub, the only project management solution built directly in GitHub. More than 150,000 developers, project managers, product owners, and executives have used ZenHub to help bring project management closer to the code. Today we are excited to launch our new Reporting Suite to give teams even more valuable insights into the their development workflows. Our new Reporting Suite unlocks the insights that teams have always wanted from GitHub. Leveraging data from Issues and Pull Requests, our five built-in reports help teams track sprint progress, measure velocity and throughput, identify bottlenecks in their workflow, and more (all without ever having to leave GitHub)! Seeing ZenHub continue to evolve and finding new ways to improve the lives of software teams has been an incredible adventure. Today we’re excited to put the powerful reports our team uses to improve our software development process in the hands of teams everywhere. You can get more info on the ZenHub Reporting Suite at zenhub.com/reporting. We also offer a 14-day free trial if you want to take the reports for a spin using your own GitHub data. As always the team and I would love to hear your feedback so we can continue to make a product you find useful. Thank you for your support. Aaron Upright
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Fabiano PSSoftware Engineer

GH is a great development platform, ZenHub adds the full suite of what's needed for lean project management on top of it. Now with even more support for non-coders!


We use it everyday while building CryptoKitties, burn down charts are something our team can't live without anymore!


It integrates very well with GitHub but has no support for other coding platforms.

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