ZenHub 3.0

PM app built uniquely for developers and PMs on GitHub.

ZenHub is the only project management tool that integrates natively with GitHub's user interface. Developers stay in an environment they love, and Project Managers get total visibility into the development process.

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Thanks @mackflavelle Hi Everyone! The ZenHub team are really excited to announce the launch of the ZenHub web app today, designed to help Project Managers join their development teams working with GitHub data. We launched ZenHub 3 years ago as a Chrome extension to help software developers manage their projects in GitHub. Since then we have been focused on making project management better for developers by allowing them to stay close to the code in GitHub. By releasing a web version of ZenHub we are looking to tackle two big pieces of user feedback: 1) How can I access ZenHub without having to use the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox. 2) How can we provide an experience tailored for Project Managers who find working within the GitHub interface too confusing and distracting due to all the features built for developers. With the webapp now live, we are focusing ZenHub on the concept of providing the right features to the right users. With the webapp becoming a hub for Project Managers, while developers have a fast, seamless experience inside GitHub with our browser extension. Happy to answer any questions about the new web experience!
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@mackflavelle @mattbutler138 Congrats on the new launch! Lookin' really slick and really excited about this web+mobile access :D We've been using ZenHub to manage our dev process for 4 years now – awesome team keeps surprising us with new features that boost productivity. Now I can access the boards and burndown charts directly without having to go through GitHub and their old/laggy UI. Kudos.
Cannot upvote this enough. From personal experience, ZenHub is the single best PM tool for any technical team using GitHub, bar none. It runs circles around JIRA and other heavyweight systems. My only worry is taking it to a separate tool will inevitably reduce the incredible integration with the GitHub UI that made it so brilliant..
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@alexdbauer Thank you for the kind words Alex! 🙌 Keeping that best-in-class GitHub integration is still a top priority for us, lots more exciting improvements to it coming soon!
stripe.com ---> ctrl + c zenhub.com ---> ctrl + v This is sad, the app looks interesting, but what's the point of copying someone else identity ?
@tsnkff #GradientsIsTheNewBlack https://blog.marvelapp.com/gradi... ...among other things, it's just a popular web design trend!
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@tsnkff Thanks for the feedback - we love what Stripe are doing, they were one of many brands and trends that were inspiration for our recently re-designed website!
Great work! We've been using Zenhub since you launched 3 years ago and love the updates.
@nlukka Thank you Neel - we all really appreciate the continued support! 💪