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We are really excited to see how people are using Zengine to build systems for their businesses. We have a great core product that can be used by someone non technical as well as a really cool plugin system that allows developers to build truly unique systems on top of Zengine in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Please reach out if you have questions or need additional information! Thanks Mike
@mikelevinson what popular use cases have you seen already - or which ones do you anticipate seeing?
@eriktorenberg We are seeing a lot of custom use cases around customers; where people need to track information about customers that just don't fit into a standard CRM type product. Or people that need to mix customer and project type data together in a more seamless way than in other systems. So not a pure CRM per se, but a more robust way to build systems with related data around customers and integrate it all together. We also have a HIPAA compliant version and are seeing the same concept around patients.
@eriktorenberg After looking through our database a bit more we are also seeing quite a bit of activity around recruiting & HR. Using Zengine you can create an employment application, publish it to the web (embedded into your web site or stand-alone) and then direct candidates applying through jobs to use this form and upload their resume along with their data. You can then collaboratively review the candidate and manage their status within the system. We have quite a few organizations using it that way too.
looks similar to Podio
@_jacksmith Hi Jack. Yes, there are a lot of similarities but there are some important differences. A few are: (1) Zengine has a very robust privilege / permissions model absent in Podio where you can highly fine tune who can see, edit, view which data, (2) we have a robust plugin system where you can use a built in Javascript editor to modify literally any screen or add new screens - inside the system - in a fairly short amount of time - and when our Plugin marketplace is released you'll be able to find / install existing plugins.