Secure Mobile Messenger using OTP Encryption (iOS/Android)

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I like that you have to exchange keys in person. It also allows you to use your keys to encrypt and send emails or SMS 'Out of Band'. And to hide names in notifications. And doesn't ask for permissions to access my microphone like other (so-called) secure messaging apps.
@_configmgr Hi Anthony, thanks for your comment on @Zendo. Glad to hear you like the in-person key exchange. We initially thought that would be our biggest hurdle, but people seem to like the idea (plus people tend to get together with people that they message most -- at least occasionally).
@Zendo @jdeneut I could see where that would be perceived as a drawback. I personally work from home for a company where I rarely see my fellow employees, maybe once per quarter. But when it comes to security and key exchange nothing beats in person. There are plenty of ways to communicate where security is semi-secure or unsecure. Very few ways, to communicate securely. Very few. Funny the older, less technical methods, like in person, are still the most secure, chalk, blankets...Great work. Keep it up!
Saw Zendo the other day on TechCrunch and finally got a chance to try it out. You exchange encryption keys in person, so it is like a digital handshake. Won't replace your day to day messenger but seems pretty useful in outlier conversations that need to stay private. Has option to delete all messages every time app is closed, change the size of keys exchanged to allow for longer threads, and out-of band messaging. Nice clean design and easy to use.
@derekminter Hi Derek, thanks for posting @Zendo and for the kind words on the design and UI. Good point that Zendo can complement your other messaging apps. Be wary of the delete all messages on app close- that's a really nuclear option, and should never be "tested out." We are working on incorporating Touch ID (soonish) and a pin-lock feature.
Expect a call from In-Q-Tel any day now offering investment ;)