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Chris Enns
Chris Enns@ichris · Podcast Producer/Editor for Hire
I've beta tested this and absolutely love it. I think it's going to be one of the top podcasting platforms to build on when it's released.
Kyran Beasley
Kyran Beasley@sshreddr · Founder, ZenCast
Thanks @ichris! Glad to hear you're loving ZenCast so far :)
Kyran Beasley
Kyran Beasley@sshreddr · Founder, ZenCast
Thanks for posting this @mareklachauthor ! ZenCast is a project of mine that I've been working on for a while now. Recently I decided to open it up as a beta in and I've received an overwhelmingly positive response so far! With ZenCast my goal is to make the easiest way possible for anyone to get up and running, mange and grow a podcast/s. At the moment, I'm doing that by creating a reliable CDN, accurate download stats and a few tools to help manage/promote their shows and a few other things are in the pipeline ;) I'm looking to make podcasting easy and to deal with all of the issues that many podcasters have to put up with: * spend too much time wrangling with Wordpress or other content systems * are constantly blocked from their web host for exceeding their monthly bandwidth * have to always copy their url's through a tracking service in order to have detailed analytics * are unsure or are having difficulties getting their podcast published into iTunes In addition, I guess where ZenCast shines is it's simplicity and ability to deal with multiple podcasts (running a network). If you've got any other questions, I'd love to hear them, otherwise may I ask podcasters of product hunt, is there anything specific that you'd like or need a podcast host to offer? Oh and the age old question, what's the pricing? The service is currently free during the beta, although I'm happy to offer 50% your first month of podcasting to all Product Hunters when the beta finishes. Just remember to use the code: HUNT50 :)