Customized vitamin pack delivery service

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There is a lot of important information with vitamins that needs to be disclosed. I prefer vitamins sourced from organic whole food ingredients. I don't like synthetic vitamins and especially hate GMO crap. Just my 2 cents and what I look for when buying vitamins. I will not disclose any other brands as I don't want to take away from this company. Just do your homework. :)
has anyone here ever used something like this? i have trouble trusting things like this
@eriktorenberg what don't you trust about it?
@eriktorenberg Would be nice to get the founders in here. I like to know the exact content of my supplements/vitamins. For instance, where the fish were sourced makes all the difference in the world in terms of the quality of fish oil supplements. Also, you need to know the quantity of epa and omega 3 (per pill) to really know what you're getting.
@_jacksmith the idea that can i can plug in a few variables and I can get the exact vitamins I need. then again, it's my (uninformed) view that a bunch of vitamins are (mostly) placebos. happy to be proven wrong.
@erictwillis agreed that they need to disclose the brand of the vitamins etc
@_jacksmith @eriktorenberg I tried vitamins from a startup called Koge Vitamins last year, and I found they didn't give me the additional energy they promised. And now it appears to be out of business (here was the TC piece about its launch: http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/14...). There are tons of stories about vitamins & supplements not being effective, though in some cases, users may get some value from them.