Tax and insurance tools for independent contractors

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Tristan ZierMaker@tmzier · CEO & Co-Founder, Tandem
Tristan (CEO) here. Excited to be on PH! Going to hang out and answer any comments that come in this afternoon.
Keywon@keywonc · Design founder, Hello Money
@tmzier Glad to see another product tackling the tough domain of finance on PH (ours is tackling investing). What motivated you to start ZEN99?
Tristan ZierMaker@tmzier · CEO & Co-Founder, Tandem
@keywonc I used to run the Ops team at Exec, where our entire workforce was contracted labor. I saw the problems they faced, but we legally couldn't help due to contractor/employee law. My cofounder had similar issues as a contract web developer. Ultimately, we were excited to solve a real pain point people had.
Keywon@keywonc · Design founder, Hello Money
@tmzier This is a great story, that you decided to break out of your legal confines and solve it yourself. Kudos to you.
Thomas K. Running@tkrunning · Nomad, Teleport
Having worked as an independent contractor during my college years, I definitely see the pain you're solving. @tmzier - How come you decided to do Android first? Are Android phones more popular amongst Uber and Lyft drivers?
Tristan ZierMaker@tmzier · CEO & Co-Founder, Tandem
@kjemperud Main reason is that Apple's approval process has been a pain!
Nikunj KothariHunter@nikunj · Senior PM, Shyp
I was having an interesting conversation with my Lyft Line driver this morning about compensation, taxes and contracting when he told me about Zen99. Personally I have no experience as a contractor, so intrigued to know what are other competitors that contractors currently use for insurance/tracking income?
Tristan ZierMaker@tmzier · CEO & Co-Founder, Tandem
@nikunj a lot of the people we target use a box of paper receipts, or Excel, or other apps that aren't built specifically for this purpose. Everyone we've talked to says this is a big pain point we're solving! Glad to hear we got a shout-out from a Lyft driver too.
Anuj Adhiya@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
@tmzier I added Zen99 to my curation of great products/services that Airbnb hosts should know about: http://www.producthunt.com/tech/... (see the "Tax & Legal" section). Cheers!