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At ZenPup, we are passionate about the benefits of CBD & the many ways it can improve the life of your dog. Our mission is to trailblaze the pet marketplace, creating products that enhance your pet’s wellness through high quality, all natural, CBD infused formulas that keep your furry friends happy, healthy & calm.

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Would love any and all feedback on our website, product offering, branding, etc. Thank you!
We're seeing a wave of "CBD for X" brands emerge lately (e.g. Not Pot gummies which launched last week). CBD has been somewhat controversial and perhaps under-studied. Curious how customers (and their dogs) have reacted to the product so far, @chase_h_dimond.
@rrhoover Ryan my man, appreciate you reaching out. You're absolutely right. There's a ton of buzz and excitement about the space but definitely a whole lot more research that needs to be performed. Regarding ZenPup in-particular, speaking candidly, so far the feedback / response has been pretty good overall. I'd say about 85% of our customers have fallen into the camp of this has helped my dog and the positive effects are noticeable, with about 15% of customers saying my dog seemed to like the taste of the products but I'm not sure if it worked or not. Personally, my families dog has gone from being pretty anxious prior to using the product and after we give him one of our CBD treats or we use the calming spray, he becomes a lot less anxious and mellows out. I think using CBD to help a dog become less anxious seems to be one of the more promising use cases. What we tell customers who are on the fence about purchasing is that like any other medication or supplement, it really comes down to a case by case basis where we definitely recommend trying it out and if it works, keep at it, and if not, then maybe it's not right for your dog. There are so many variables from the breed of the dog to the size of the dog to any previous issues the dog may or may not have had. Hope that helps! And thanks again for reaching out!
I’ve been looking for some good CBD for my dog. He’s a 4.5 year old Toy Aussie and has insane anxiety if we’re not with him. Which of your products do you suggest?
@tony_defranco Hey Tony, thanks for reaching out. The Calming supplement is the strongest and therefore would help the most. Second to that would be the treats. The dry shampoo is cool / unique but the other two products due to the way the dog consumes it seem to work better.
CBD has helped my 11 year dog with the effects of Arthritis. She now has a new lease of live. Good Luck! 🐶
@lewiswain Thank you so much! That is so awesome to hear! Hope she continues to do well