Zen Pump

Be motivated regardless the challenges you face

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Zen Pump is a $2.99 iOS app designed to pump you up against “any challenge.” The first portion is recorded voice calls from Coaches to rally your spirits. However, I think the second portion of the app, the daily mood diary, is much more interesting—it has quick entry with several keywords, mostly moods, and an overall rating for the day, and/or you can fill in more detailed notes. I found using the diary to be quite simple and streamlined, and already one of the better mood diary tools. It makes me wonder how this app will evolve over time.
Thank you so much for the hunt and feature. Zen Pump is made to inspire anyone who has been longing to have an easy and accessible personal coach. It aims to complement that voice of a coach who will push you and motivate you when that moment or second counts. If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or tweet/DM me at Twitter. Interesting fact, I'm honored to be one of the small groups of people that Jack Dorsey follow on Twitter as well @darrenlee
@darrenlee I paid and downloaded the app, but it doesn't work. The phone feature made no sound. The app crashed when I tried to tap the journal or settings button. $2.99 isn't a lot, but I do expect a functioning app for that price...
@jerzygangi Hi Jerzy, that's odd since we use very simple code base for the app and tested on all the iOS devices. We also installed crash reporting and seems okay from our side. Could you email me at darren at buzzvalley dot com so we could discuss on the issue and help you resolve this soonest possible. Thanks.