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Queue-based task management app - prevent context switching

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One of the main problems I have when working is constantly switching between different things I have to do. I can't multitask well - context switching kills my productivity. So I made this dead simple task list app which more accurately mirrors how I (want to) think! The idea is a to-do list app based on a queue. You can put tasks into the back of the queue, and you can only deal with the task that's at the front of the queue - you work on one task at a time. After a couple days of using it, I've noticed that I get a lot more done, but most interestingly I feel less stressed when working. I'd love to hear first impressions and feature requests!
Schmatzarella strikes again
@arimnazir damnit. I don't need another to-do list app, particularly not one of the "one thing at a time genre," but I accidentally clicked on the developers website link in the App Store and he's a Michigander. Yes, that's what we call ourselves in Michigan. So, in support of the home team or something, snagged the app!
@andym_dc @arimnazir Michigan family here! I'm not surprised though, Steven likes to go from "what do you think of this" to "here I made this" in 2 days. Awesome app :)
Neat idea and clean implementation. Really sick dude!
;) Nice work