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Justin McGill
Justin McGill@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
Such an important topic for startup founders that you don't hear much about...the challenges that entrepreneurship can bring to personal lives, families, spouses, etc. This podcast dives deep into the minds and lives of founders. I'm a big fan and this is one that is in my auto-download queue.
Alex Carter
Alex Carter@alexcartaz · Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
@robwalling thanks for posting this. for those unfamiliar with Zen Founder, what is the show about and what did you like most about this episode?
Rob Walling
Rob WallingMaker@robwalling · Founder, TinySeed
@alexcartaz The show explores the intersection between building your startup, maintaining relationships, and having a life. I'm a serial startup founder. My wife (and co-host) has a PhD in Psychology and has been married to a founder (me) for 15 years. So we explore topics ranging from co-founder relationships, traveling while running your startup, and how your origin story impacts how you react to the stress of being a founder. I think this episode is valuable because we kick off the show with 3 solid tactics we use in our day-to-lives of running a household with two kids, while I'm running my email marketing startup Drip and Sherry works full-time as a clinical psychologist.