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A weekly podcast about staying sane while starting up

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We ship a new episode every Wednesday morning.
From the iTunes page: "Join Rob & Sherry on their weekly show about staying sane while starting up. Rob is a serial entrepreneur best known for email marketing software Drip and MicroConf, his conference for startups. Sherry is a psychologist with expertise in trauma work and has endured 15 years of marriage to a serial founder." There are so many resources about the practical side of entrepreneurship, but I believe ultimately managing your own psychology is one of the most important things to being both happy in life and successful as an entrepreneur. I'm not sure why not more people are talking about this stuff, but I'm excited Rob and Sherry are.
mental health and startups is something we are thinking about a lot and going to start doing something about. cc @jerrycolonna @bradfeld @GlenMoriarty1
Loving this so far. Great work Rob (and Sherry). Favorite episode so far is #2 on how to take and structure personal retreats.
@harris_bryan Very cool; one of my favorites as well. We have 4 more in the hopper right now, after that we're open to topic suggestions.
Is there an rss feed for the podcast?