Zen by Unit

A minimal in-browser writing tool

Zen is free and minimal in-browser writing tool w/ markdown support.
It's 100% private and stores all the data only locally in your browser.
Just open and use.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Really Really cool! It's very simple (at least on the surface) tool but really really useful. Awesome team Zen by Unit I love the typewrite sounds :-)
Hi Product Hunt 👋, My name is Nazir, I'm one of Zen makers. We've created Zen for ourselves a couple of years ago to easily write and edit texts w/o leaving a browser. Zen is not something completely unique, it's inspired by apps like a5.gg, Zenpen and Writer. We've combined features we like and also added some new ones we were missing. At this moment Zen features include: - 🔏 Private data storage (all the data stores only locally in your browser); - 📃 Markdown support; - 🎨 Customizable appearance; - ⌨️ Typewriter sounds; - 🖨 Print and 💾 Save. We want to continue delivering some new features in the future. Zen is not optimized for mobile browsers yet, so for better experience use it on the desktop. I hope Zen would be also useful for somebody else here. Let me know if you have any feedback.
Love this tool! Really useful when you need to write down any thoughts very quickly.
Love this tool. But tholman rings a bell.. is it the same tholman of zenpen fame?
@ravishanker_ Hi Ravi! Yes, we used Zenpen's open-source code as a starting point to build Zen. And we give a credit to Tim Holman for this work. We also mentioned him in a "Credits" section on the Zen webpage.
Product is amazing so far, I've been using it since yesterday and no complaints.
@manny_santos Hi Manny! I'm glad to hear that. Let me know if you have any feedback.