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Sarah Buhr
Sarah Buhr@sarahbuhr · Reporter, TechCrunch
Philosophically inclined will dig this book. Really good read if you can let yourself wander into the deeper thought processes and engage in late 70's culture.
Josiah Austin Gulden
Josiah Austin GuldenHunter@jgulden · designer | prototyper | simplifier
Been getting really into this book lately. While definitely a product of its era, it's also a timeless meditation on the relationship between a creative, himself, and the world around him. One of the great philosophical works of the late 20th century.
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@jgulden this is one of my favorite books ever, Josiah. Check out Lila and let me know what you think. I'm organizing a mini book club around it.
Eliot Peper
Eliot Peper@eliotpeper · author
@eriktorenberg @jgulden I couldn't believe how many crazy turns the story took. Every twist took my completely by surprise. Thought provoking is a dramatic understatement.
Vishal Agarwal
Vishal Agarwal@vishal1982 · CMO @ Choxi, CEO @ Itsacheckmate.com
I first started this book I believe 5 years ago but could not complete it. I guess did not have the discipline at that time and as soon as the book took a philosophical bent I lost interest. Picked this book up again since I knew I had the discipline now and managed to finish it in the expected timeline. Riveting. A lot of the philosophical paths were honestly beyond my understanding, but the pain evident in the writer's narration was very palpable throughout the book. And his amazing relationship with his son made me wish for a similar road trip with my future son! One of my biggest learnings from this book also was about how to embrace technology, based on the writer's involvement with his motorcycle. Thoughtful read.