Zen 8 adds music to your stories. There’s just one button. Tap it once and app will create a unique looped music in chosen genre. Share it on Instagram and Snapchat right from the app, or save your video to your camera roll to share later.
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Hi PH community! Vote for our new product — Zen 8! The easiest way to add music to your content. No tracks, no copyrights, no ads. Watch a short video to see how easy it is! Alex, CEO Mubert Inc.
brilliantly simple!
extremely needed for content creation! Do you guys plan to expand this on IGTV also?
@valentin_fokin for long videos you mean?
Thank you for your app! I got some feedback for you. Pros: - Quick music generation, good for Stories & TikTok Cons: - Can't generate music similar to a popular song. Maybe something like Shazam + generation is possible without copyright infringement?
This is amazing 🔥