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G'day Product Hunt! Rob from Zeetings here, coming in from Sydney. Zeetings is a completely new way to deliver and share presentations. Forget about those monologues we've all suffered through - Zeetings turns your presentations into interactive conversations that your audience can participate in from their own device. It works on all devices, works with existing formats like PPT or PDF and there's nothing to download or install. Zeetings incorporate polls, questions, comments, video, notes and more into your presentations to boost engagement and gives you data-driven insights to help you understand what your participants are really thinking. Best of all, when the slideshow ends, your zeeting remains so everyone can stay connected and continue the conversation. Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!! Rob and
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@robkawalsky Hey there! Assistant Principal over here. I am in the middle of a teachable moment with one of my teachers. I love your product a encourage my staff to use it with our students. Had a real time issue I wanted to provide feedback to you, hoping you may be able to assist.
Hi Sam, thanks for reaching out. Would love to hear more. Would you like to email me directly at rob@zeetings.com?
I came across this product by chance on Twitter. I instantly downloaded it & will be excited to use this in my future presentations. Looking forward to new features - which I am sure the Zeetings team has big plans for.
@iamwormify Thanks Luke - we look forward to helping you make your next presentation awesome
@robkawalsky Great stuff! I know a lot of people in EdTech that would kill for this product. Keep up the good work guys!
This looks like it could really change presentations for the better! Would you say it is more aimed for things like smaller team reports or investor decks, or can it be a useful static content marketing tool like slideshare? Or a hybrid like a webinar?
@fatfullstacks Thanks Gabe. Zeetings is definitely being used as a static marketing tool (particularly where feedback is useful) but the focus is more on team meetings and reporting, live training sessions and live presentations (whether in a webinar or face to face). That said, we've been really excited to watch the creative ways people are using Zeetings that we've never thought of
Can't wait to try this out for my next presentation or talk. The live Q&A and polling seem super helpful.
@lorenappin Great to hear. Thanks!
Love this. Congrats guys.