Rethinking code editing

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Philipp Comans
Philipp Comans@phppco · Product Manager, Scribd
I used Zed a lot about two years ago when it was still actively maintained. I found it's design principles very well thought out. It could have turned into a worthy successor of emacs. It's a bummer Zef Hemel could not make a living working on it. In a world of Textmate clones, Zed was really special.
Yeah this isn't exactly a new product...
diogo oliveira
diogo oliveiraHunter@ocorreiododiogo · developer at Ed Design
@alteredorange it's not a new product but it's widely unknown. Maybe if it would have gotten more attention two years ago, it would be one of the big contenders now. One of the things I like it's that you can install it (zedrem) on the server and edit remotely http://zedapp.org/features/edit-...